Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ayo is an artist who is not widely known in the US, yet. She is better known in countries like France. Her earliest to latest music including her most raw to her most polished tracks all seem to mesmerize.

Even when she records cover songs, I love them, which is big because I generally loath listening to cover bands, most people's cover renditions and overly glorified karaoke shows like American Idol and Amerwrecka's Got Talent.

Ayo's music does not fall into my favorite musical genres, but I love her approach. She hangs her heart all the way off the ledge. She's got enough of that "it" thing going consistently, that I believe in her and I hope she keeps putting out music and does more shows than in the past.

Ayo is one of the world's great unknowns deserving of much more global success than she has already achieved. Please give her your ear.

Just below is an array of her songs including live performances that are not new, but have not been widely viewed. I hope you enjoy discovering Ayo if you have not yet had the pleasure. GC

Ayo - Complain (live on LeLive)

Ayo - Life is Real (live at Peace One Day concert)

Ayo on drums and vocals with a guitarist named M - It Hurts

Ayo - What is Love? (fan made slide-show/video)

Ayo - Love and Hate (Live in Germany @ New Pop Festival)

Ayo - Better Days

Ayo - Who Are They?

Ayo - Fallin'

Ayo - Too Late (fan made slide-show/video)

Ayo - Before (after)

Ayo with M and Sly Johnson - How Many People (video takes time to load, but worth wait)

Ayo - Cover of I Want You Back by Jackson 5

Connect direct with Ayo at AyoMusic.Com