Friday, June 24, 2016

Muhammad Ali - He Stood For Something

Just one post below this one, are several stellar songs by a wonderful artist named Ayo. The fourth song down the list is an inspiring one titled How Many People (really stand for something). When I listen to it, I think of those who are like Muhammad Ali. The kind of people who say what is really on their mind, without mincing words. Muhammad Ali stood up to the U.S. government and angry Americans who called him unpatriotic for not being willing to join the Army to go to war in Vietnam. This man spoke his mind, really stood for something on principal and chose to not follow blind. His greatest fight ever, in my mind, was against the U.S. Government as he fought, in the court system, defending his refusal to be a killer for the misguided government. Muhammad Ali was my kind of war hero. GC

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ayo is an artist who hangs her heart out over the ledge and sings. Less known in the US, she is better known in countries like France. Her earliest to latest music, including her most raw to her most polished tracks, all seem to mesmerize. Below is an array of her songs, including a few tasty live performances. Please give her your ear and enjoy discovering her if you have not yet had the pleasure. GC

Ayo - Complain (live on LeLive)

Ayo - Who Are They?

Ayo - Love and Hate (Live in Germany @ New Pop Festival)

Ayo with M and Sly Johnson - How Many People (video takes time to load, but worth wait)

Ayo on drums and vocals with a guitarist named M - It Hurts

Ayo - What is Love? (fan made slide-show/video)

Ayo - Better Days

Ayo - Too Late (fan made slide-show/video)

Ayo - Before (after)

I love this, which is big because I generally prefer artists to stick to their own material.

Ayo - Cover of I Want You Back by Jackson 5

Ayo consistently delivers that "it" quality.  I really believe in her, and I hope she keeps putting out much more of her own music and does many, many more shows than in the past.

Connect direct with Ayo at AyoMusic.Com