Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Quick Hang with Kim Churchill

Recording Artist Kim Churchill

I first wrote about Kim Churchill at this link back on July 8, 2011 after seeing a live take of him performing on a balcony in Melbourne Australia.

It turned out that it was filmed in the very cold winter, which Kim shared when I had the opportunity to meet him. He told me he had put on some makeshift gloves to try to keep his fingers warm for the performance. When I showed the live take (below) below to a group of girls I know, they were all commenting on how they loved those gloves, in addition to his surfer boy looks. His life does indeed revolve around surfing AND music and prefers playing shows where there are waves too.

I really enjoyed meeting him briefly and I walked away with the feeling that Kim Churchill is a very grounded and super humble human being. He knows what it is to follow his passion, which is obviously music and surfing. He figured it out when he was 17 and went for it. He lived out of a van and traveled around Australia playing as many gigs as possible and doing what is known as "busking" or doing street performances in between. He has moved on, it seems from the busking, having developed a method of getting enough paying gigs to keep him moving around the globe, all at age 20.

Connect direct with Kim Churchill at KimChurchill.Com