Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trixie Whitley

Photo of Trixie Whitley by Gregory J Chamberlain

Had one of those months where a song is heard and played dozens of times a day since love at first listen struck. Went to a early December show to see Trixie Whitley. Was already a huge fan of her songs and had never seen her live, but had featured her music videos on MusicLoad.Com, MusicTelevision.Com and TheIndies.Com more than a few times. After the show, bought all of her fan swag including 3 albums, a t-shirt and poster, which is very rare to go overboard like that, but she was just that good live and more that imagined. One of the albums had a live recording of that song not yet heard. It is titled "Breathe You In My Dreams". It was a stripped raw version with just Trixie on the piano (like the take in this first video below) and her seriously passionate voice. It set the hook and it has dominated the stereo systems and headphones all month long.

Finally found the studio version of Breathe You In My Dreams that was released on her most recent Fourth Corner album. The recording as well as the official music video shot by photographer Anton Coene is total excellence in a raw organic soul kind of way. It's hard to get great performances like this out of the mind.

Trixie Whitley Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain