Friday, June 8, 2012

Ruby Jane Smith

Just can't help but love stories of artists like Ruby Jane Smith who have nurtured their own originality and maintained their artistic integrity. She learned how to play the fiddle when she was very young.  There are some handpicked music videos featured on MusicLoad.Com that demonstrate the fact that she was a prolific live performer when she was 8 or 9 years old. She has played a great many professional engagements from a young age until present. Her fiddle playing is exceptional.

Ruby Jane Smith when she was younger - She is now 17.
She's only 17 right now, graduated from high school this week and is busy preparing for the independent release of her first record set for a June 19 2012 release. It's titled Celebrity - empire of emptiness.

Ruby Jane Smith has been leading a very busy mobile, on-the-road life.  She is a real musician and one of those artists who knows what it means to pay those dues, hone the craft of music and walk the walk.  Her poke at celebritydom through some of her material is beyond her years

She is one of those ultimate indie artists worth a listen. The music is underproduced in a nice way and is very organic.  If one looks backward in time, she covered so much area and so many genres, it's not possible to pigeon hole her.  Beyond playing fiddle, she has a unique distinctive voice that comfortably goes ethereal.  And, she is a fine guitarist!

Her song "Wake Up" reminds me of a favorite CocoRosie song, as well a Mazzy Star song.  But she is certainly not emulating anybody.  She's an original.

Keeping it all tight in the family, Ruby's friend, a photographer who had never made a video before, made this one below. This is the DIY (Do It Yourself) world we now live in. Coming across Ruby Jane Smith was kind of like finding a needle in a haystack.  After studying her overall body of work that goes back years, it's apparent: gems like this who are the real-deal authentic are not easy to find.

Ruby Jane - Wake Up

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