Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Artist - Nneka

Nneka is one of my most favorite artists I've come across in the last few years and she gets my vote for BEST New Artist, even though she is really not new. She has been woodshedding hard for years and personifies the true indie DIY spirit. At times, Michael Jackson and at other times Bob Marley seem to channel through her, with her activist inspired politically barbed lyrics mixed into what seem like love songs to surface listeners. This is not meant to insinuate that Nneka is emulating other artists. She most certainly is not. She is all original.

Photo of Nneka

Here is a song from Nneka's latest record, Soul is Heavy. The song is entitled Do You Love Me Now and was shot live on the streets of Paris.

Here is the studio version of Do You Love Me Now

Her signature songs such as Africans (released in 2007) get political and social.

Heartbeat might sound like a love song at first, but it's actually very deep political music.

And, this live version of God Have Mercy is pure excellence :)

Everything about Nneka's music has depth. Listen to more of her music and follow her travels at NnekaWorld.Com